Experience real human bodies presented in dramatic and compelling environments at REAL BODIES at Ballys. An authentic, original bodies exhibition on human anatomy.


REAL BODIES at Bally's allows you to get a closer look at what's inside of you. This is an exploration of not just anatomy but of humanity. The importance of the air we breathe. The importance of love. From going back in time to an anatomist's study and learning about the ancient Egyptians, and ancient Greeks and people like Leonardo da Vinci, and Vesalius who went against the norm and dissected these specimens of human bodies to understand more about it, to modern-day technology. It's a chance for you to come and see what's inside your body but also how other people perceive what's inside their bodies. You'll be able to look inside, understand the physiology, the anatomy, and also how other cultures deal with life and deal with death. You'll have the opportunity to see these amazing preserved specimens but also look at historical, emotional, and cultural aspects behind who we are as human beings. It's a beautiful exploration of the human body.

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