REAL BODIES at Bally’s is a comprehensive educational experience with multi-layered narratives and unique individual specimens presented in dramatic, compelling environments.The full body specimens are presented in more dynamic poses with superior dissection and detail than similar exhibitions. The Exhibition also consists of immersive environments of art, science and culture such as the Anatomist’s Study, which is similar to a walk through cabinet of curiosities that includes unique and sometimes strange examples of the early days of anatomical study. Throughout the Exhibition, there are also artistic installations created by local Las Vegas artists that enhance the rooms and further illustrate the experience of being alive. REAL BODIES at Bally’s explores much more than just the human anatomical systems and the way we work. It is not only an in-depth look at the “how” of human anatomy, but also an exploration of “why,” posing deeper questions in each gallery such as “Why are we here?” “Where are we going?” and “What becomes of us?” It is the largest display of human anatomy on the Las Vegas Strip and with the best online prices, REAL BODIES at Bally’s is simply a better experience at a better value.
REAL BODIES at Bally’s uses real human specimens that have been respectfully preserved to explore the complex inner workings of the human form in a refreshing and thought-provoking style. System by system, the exhibition provides an approachable and fascinating insight into what's happening inside every one of us. REAL BODIES at Bally’s also explores how elements such as breathing, hunger, the rhythm of the heart, and other essential body functions have deep cultural and emotional significance that reach as far back as the dawn of humanity.
The process used by REAL BODIES at Bally’s is commonly used in this type of preservation. The method is called Polymer Preservation and uses liquid silicone rubber to prevent the natural body process of decaying – ultimately permanently preserving the body. The experts that preserve the displays at REAL BODIES at Bally’s are the best in the business, allowing for nearly perfect preservation. The process can take up to a year, depending on the size of the organ or size of the overall body.
While everyone’s experience in the exhibition may be different, on average the highly immersive REAL BODIES at Bally’s takes between 45 and 60 minutes to explore. However, all guests are welcome to stay and be fascinated by the 11 thought-provoking galleries as long as they like.
We want visitors to have fun while learning more about themselves through the study of the human form presented in this approachable and thoughtful way. We hope they come away with an uplifting sense of how resilient, creative, and hopeful humanity has been through time – and continues to be today. REAL BODIES at Bally’s offers a message of unity in a time the world can use it most.
REAL BODIES at Bally’s is open Monday through Sunday to all ages, beginning at 10 a.m. For the best online pricing with no hidden fees, buy online here. Tickets purchased online through our ticketing link are valid any time. If you do not purchase online, adult general admission ticket prices are $29.95 (plus fees) and child (ages 3-12) general admission ticket prices are $18.00 (plus fees). Tickets can also be purchased at the Bally’s box office or by phone at 702.777.2782. Discounts are offered to military personnel, seniors (age 60+), students and locals with proper identification at the box office. Discounts are also available for groups of 10+ by contacting
We have new health and safety precautions for all visitors to REAL BODIES at Bally's. For a complete list, please visit here.
Yes! We recently updated the galleries to include information about how each body system responds to COVID-19. For details, visit our blog.
This is a great exhibition for all ages to enjoy, however parental guidance is suggested because the exhibition contains real human bodies and anatomical specimens which have been posthumously dissected and preserved using the process of polymer preservation, or plastination, some in their entirety with model eyeballs and full genitalia.
There is no audio description for the exhibition.
Handbags are allowed into the exhibition, however large bags, suitcases, backpacks etc. are not permitted. Larger items can be left at the front desk.
Parking is available for the exhibition in the self-parking garage that services Bally’s Las Vegas and Paris Las Vegas, or in the outdoor lot along Flamingo Road near the entrance to the Sports Book. Parking fees vary.
Yes you can take photos, but for non-commercial purposes only, and professional photography equipment will not be permitted without prior approval. If you do take personal photos, we’d love it if you could tag us on Facebook at, and on Instagram at @REALBODIESatBallys, and please use #REALBODIESatBallys.
No food or drinks are permitted inside the exhibition.
There are restroom facilities near the Flamingo Road entrance to the lower level of Bally’s across from the Sports Book, but there are no restrooms once you are inside the exhibition.
Tickets for the exhibition are available online through the exhibition website here, in person at the venue box office on the lower level of Bally’s Las Vegas, or over the phone on 702-777-2782.
No. Tickets are valid for one exhibition entry per person only. Guests may exit and re-enter the exhibition during the same visit however (e.g. to use the restroom), with re-entry validated by box office personnel.
Yes, typically tickets are available for same day admission, however, we strongly recommend purchasing in advance in the event that a particular day is experiencing heavy traffic where it may be at full capacity. Tickets purchased online here are the lowest online ticket price and are good for any day at any time during normal hours of operation, but must be exchanged at the box office for entry.
Yes. For all group and school group sales, please email Group/School discounts are available for 10+ visitors, plus 1 free ticket for every 10 tickets (for a teacher / chaperone).
Teachers accompanying school groups receive complimentary tickets in the ratio of 1 free ticket for every 10 tickets (for a teacher / chaperone). Teachers visiting with their friends or families (not on an excursion) will need to pay the adult rate for entry.
The specimens in REAL BODIES at Bally's are provided by Dalian Hoffen Bio-Technique Co. Ltd. The specimens are all unclaimed bodies that have been donated by the relevant authorities to medical universities in China. The specimens featured in the exhibition were donated legally, were never prisoners of any kind, showed no signs of trauma or injury, were free of infectious disease and died of natural causes.
An unclaimed body is an individual that has passed away whom no next of kin have come forward to claim, or cannot be found within a period of time set by the relevant authorities.
The exact process varies from province to province, but for example, if a person passes away in a place other than a hospital, the police may make local enquires at the scene of the discovery of the body and with persons in the vicinity who may know or have knowledge of the deceased, to ascertain as far as possible the details surrounding the death and the contact details of the family members. Searches will also be made in the police computer databases, if necessary, to see if he/she is wanted or has been reported missing. If the body is still unclaimed after a set period however, the coroner will designate the body as unclaimed, and the mortuary will inform the relevant government department to remove the dead body for cremation or donation to medical universities.
Although timeframes can vary from province to province in China, the average timeframe is approximately 30 days.
Waiting periods vary by province, mortuary availability and the needs of the education and research facilities. The legal minimum is 3 months.
The coroner for the relevant local authority where the body is discovered.
There could be many causes of death, for example a non-infectious disease such as cancer. A person’s body could be unclaimed for many reasons, for example the deceased had no identification at the time of his or her death, or no next of kin can be found to claim the body.
The coroner for the relevant local authority where the body is discovered determines the cause of death.
The polymer preservation, or plastination, process could be 10 days or 100 years after death, as long as the body has been preserved. Contrary to some reports, the plastination process does not need to begin within 24-48 hours after death.
No. Many countries allow unclaimed bodies to be donated for research and education purposes including South Africa, Bangladesh, Brazil, India and some states of the USA, for example the state of Maryland.
The specimens come from our medical partner in China, Dr. Hong Jin Sui. Dr. Sui has signed a certified declaration that states the specimens were obtained legally, were never prisoners of any kind, and all died of natural causes. Dr. Sui is a world-renowned scientist whose qualifications and credentials include: B.S. in Medical Science; M.S. in Neuroanatomy; Visiting scholar at the 1st Institute for Anatomy at the University of Heidelberg; Ph.D in Physiology; Director of Department of Anatomy of Dalian Medical University; Vice Chairman of Science and Technology Consultative Committee of the Chinese Anatomic Association; Chief Director and Trustee of the Liaoning Anatomic Association.
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No. REAL BODIES at Bally's has never been banned, nor has it ever been found to violate ethical or legal standards in any of the countries it has visited.
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