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Vegas Attraction Where Real Bodies Are Strangely Entertaining

Vegas and the Las Vegas Strip offer so many attractions and things to do that sorting it all out is kind of unnerving. Casino life, best drinks, best shows, best attractions and more kept me moving on my most recent trip.  Finding a great Vegas Attraction can be difficult.

While in Vegas, think about all the indulgent treats you provide yourself with really big drinks (libations of course) to those famed oversized meals or massive buffets. Your body has to process all of this and that’s fine because it is a vacation. Have you ever wondered more about your body, the veins, the anatomy?

Sometimes, taking a break from the real Vegas can be quite eventful. For me, it was about finding a Vegas attraction where real bodies are strangely entertaining. Lavishly live travel out loud and get ready to see this Vegas attraction where Real Bodies are strangely entertaining. Trust me this is not about people watching, lol. Viva Las Vegas.


The name describes REAL BODIES. Truly bodies that have been preserved, are intact, cadavered into pieces and displayed.  Trust me you will learn so much about the body through these displays.  Some of the exhibit pieces are graphic, so unless you have a solid belly and can handle reality, don’t head in!  Also, if you do not have a strong belly, don’t eat before you go, or you might share how the human digestive tract works right there ROLF.  You progress room by room and body party by body part (there are over 200 anatomical specimens to stare at!)  Looking at a specimen once is not possible, in some cases it is like a train wreck because you don’t want to look but you are just compelled.  The ambiance is set with lower lighting, and a no-fail pathway to see it all.

Ready For Your Real Bodies Adventure?

Curious as to how much time to a lot? I have to be honest it will vary for everyone.  Personally, our venture was about 1 hour through, attempting to read all the cards and attending each exhibit station.  Some were whizzing through in under 30 minutes. Can you photo inside? Absolutely.